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We Transform Your Inventions into Successful Innovations!


In an increasingly digitised world successful innovation requires more than just great products. Collaborating closely with our clients we develop a deep understanding of customer desires and jointly embed innovative technologies in sustainable business models.


Business Model Optimization

In our age of digitization the success of innovations is increasingly dependent on their integration into multi-dimensional business models. Working with our clients we optimise business models, applying principles that are based on the analysis of thousands of successful innovations.


Successful innovation is a question of procedure and culture. As advisors we work with our clients to jointly assess projects or processes and – if necessary – set the course for change. If required we support in-house teams over the course of a project at periodical pit stops with methods and strategies.

Innovation Project Development

Sometimes innovations require additional resources or a different point of view to reach the market quickly. If required, we assume responsibility for complete projects from problem definition to implementation management.

Trainings and Workshops

Innovation methods and procedures have evolved rapidly over the past few years. We offer customised workshops and trainings, addressing topics like Design Thinking, Canvas Modeling, Business Model Optimisation, Digitization, and Big Data. Our close university relationship ensures relevant and current content.



Godehard Gerling

Managing Partner


Markus Breunig

Managing Partner


Daniel Niederberger

Associate Partner

Marein Orre

Marein Orre

Associate Partner



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