How to Create a Vision Statement in < 45 Minutes

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“If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you” – Steve Jobs. In its best form a vision statement provides purpose and acts as the north star and guiding light for an organisation. It’s emotional and invites […]

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Innovation Portfolio Management – The Innovation Cube

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Throughout the history of mankind, progress has been marked by an ability to systematically predict and then repeat the outcomes of increasingly complex processes or behaviors. From hunting/gathering to farming to reusing rockets – innovation undoubtedly continues to happen, and primarily because it addresses a need, stated or unstated. As […]

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Is it Time to Change Innovation Accounting?

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There seems to be a growing consensus that managing innovations as a portfolio of incremental, adjacent, and transformational/disruptive projects improves longterm innovation outcomes. Still, the odds often end up being stacked towards more incremental projects. So much in fact, that a 2012 study by the APQC and Robert G. Cooper […]

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Innovation Success is all About Process

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In my work with innovative small and medium size companies trying to scale -in particular as a Business Innovation Coach for the European Commission’s Executive Agency for SMEs (EASME) – many of the great teams I get to work with are looking to me to provide them with ideas and […]

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Design Thinking – Not all Innovations Are to be Created Equally

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    Observing my student’s innovation project presentations yesterday, I was once again suprised how powerful Design Thinking actually is in spawning innovative solutions. Even if it’s only applied to such seemingly mundane problems as the “improvements to brewing tea from tea bags in take-out situations”. However, especially when applied […]

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5 Factors to Improve Innovation Success Measurably

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  Trade magazines and blogs are chock full of “5 Ways to Improve Innovation…” articles. We couldn’t help but make up a list of our own. Here it is: 1. Focus on Customers Instead of Technology 2. Align Business and Innovation Strategies 3. Set up X-Functional Innovation Teams 4. Employ […]

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L‘ Allemagne – zero points! – Are Germans not Interested in Modern Innovation Methods?

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I could not help but think of the (in)famous European Song Contest, when I – spurred by a recent conversation during one of my Design Thinking Workshops – plotted the worldwide interest in recent innovation methods using Google Trends. As you can tell from the graph, in particular Design Thinking, […]

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Why Strategy Matters to Innovation

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There is a common belief, that innovation is largely driven by creativity and – as an outcome – ideas. While ideas are undoubtedly important, we would contend that in most companies there is no shortage of them. The far bigger challenge seems to be to decide which ones to evaluate […]

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Innovations Can’t be Prescribed

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This morning’s “Handelsblatt” – in an article commenting on the dismal market performance of electric cars – concludes: “Innovations can’t be prescribed.” Quite to the contrary: Innovations have to be desired by and provide benefits to users to become successful. As Everett Rogers (who also coined the famous term “Early […]

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Get the H… Out of the Building!

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In my role as advisor and coach to a number of early stage companies, I see quite a few great ideas and technologies being developed. Many of them feel exciting even to a tech veteran like me. And they look like perfectly plausible solutions to a perceived or assumed customer […]

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